Patience is essential in wildlife photography.

January 11, 2017  •  1 Comment

Red-tail Hawk-1Red-tail Hawk-1

Patience is essential in wildlife photography. Sometimes you are rewarded with an image that makes either the cold fingers of winter or the pesky insects of summer all seem well worth it. After the cold finally won out after sitting for a few hours at 20 degrees I gave up. Heading for my home with an empty memory card in my camera and only a half mile from my house this Red-tailed hawk sat perched right next to the road. Pulled over, got out, took about 15 images and it was all over in less than a minute. Sometimes it's just as good to be lucky! 


george ellis(non-registered)
Patience/reward. Evrry good boy deserves a favor. You are so right. Nice shot.
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