I made my living in the construction industry and taking nature photos started on fly fishing trips to different locations. Being retired now I am able to indulge my passion for nature photography. Transitioning to digital  photography from the film era has rekindled my love of photography. For me capturing a good image of a bear, otter or beautiful bird doing what they do and then later bringing it up my computer screen to edit is so rewarding. Watching a large Black Bear emerge from the tree line or an Otter going about his daily business never gets old.

I live in North Central Massachusetts with my wife Patricia in the Millers River Valley which abounds with wildlife and many microcosm size landscapes.  Although we lack the grand landscapes of the western side of the United States there are abundant photographic opportunities here. My images have been used in several books, calendars and currently being entered into a local periodical publication. I am a short distance from many state parks and a special area that is known as the "Accidental Wilderness". The impounded Swift River valley which provides water for the city of Boston.