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Local Birds along with some of their offsprings from the New England Area. All images are from northern Worcester County in Massachusetts. Prints available in 5X7", 8X10", 11X14". When image is selected click on buy button at top and pricing and other options are available. If you change you mind just cancel out at top right. For larger sizes, other questions and signed prints please contact me.

Questions and Information: [email protected]
Merganser piggybackBald Eagle #1Bald Eagle #2Bald Eagle #4Peregrine Falcon #2Common LoonPeregrine Falcon #1Snowy Egret #1Snowy Egret #2Great EgretBarrows GoldeneyeRuffed GrouseRuffed Grouse2Soaring Red-tailGreat Egret #2Barred OwlBarred Owl #2Peregrine Falcon taking flightPloversGreen Heron