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Fritillary PairFritillary Pair

Butterflies, Dragonflies and Moths all captured with Macro Photography. All images are available in 5X7", 8X10" and 11X14" pricing along with other options when selected and hit buy button. Simply cancel (at top right) if you change your mind. For questions, signed prints and other sizes contact me.

Questions and info: [email protected]
FrittilaryMonarch on LilyWhite-lined Sphinx MothHummingbird MothRed Admiral #1Red Admiral #2Monarch ButterflyPainted LadyPainted Lady #2Tiger Swallowtail #1Monarch Butterfly CaterpillarMonarch ButterflyBumblebee and DragonheadEastern Tiger SwallowtailWood Satyr-1European Cabbage Butterfly-1Silver-spotted Skipper-1Hummingbird Moth on Flox-1Eastern Pondhawk-1Bumble Bee and Flower-1